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Club Know Where

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With the popping colors in splash designs, the feeling of being a kid at the mall took over me during my first visit. I made my way past cute shops and followed the helpful signs into the club. Seeing the moving neon lights moving across the dance floor I instantly pulled up my 90’s hit list. I picked my favorite happy dance move and danced to ‘What is love’ by Haddaway. Instantly my heart had flutters of excitement and I felt fourteen again. *

Curious to see what else I could find, I followed signs and made my way to the wood skating rink downstairs. Complete with free roller skates available, a snack bar, video games, and even a D.J. stage! Of course, I had to try out the roller skates. I did have trouble at first with movement but when I disabled my AO I was about to move around on the skates smoothly. **

I was enjoying the visuals and clicked to join the SIM group to find out more about the SIM. When I received the group invited to the club I excitedly put on some party clothes, called up my photographer Kira and we headed over to join the party.

On arrival, we were greeted by DJ Joker and Kalju. Although I was expecting to be dancing to the ’80s and '90’s throwback jams, DJ Joker’s playlist was one of the best Metal / Alternative mixes I’ve ever heard. Both DJ Joker and Kalju were friendly and soon we moved the party to the skating rink for Kira for pictures.  

The music is great, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere awesome. This SIM is one of the top favorites of everyone who has toured with me. I look forward to more skate parties and dancing the night away at Club Know Where!

* I am still learning about so much in SL, including how to load dances into my AO. Thankfully this SIM has a group dance provided by touching the bong in front of the DJ table.

** The layout was changed a little after our photoshoot.


Q & A


Q: Who is or was the original builder or owner? If different, who is the current builder or owner?  A: Jaded (Alter) Nightshade and Devlin Nightshade


Q: When did construction on your SIM begin? When did it open to the public?

A: Construction began on October (2020) and is now open to public, I like to build so I am   always tweaking stuff


Q: What is the theme of your SIM? 

A: 80's - 90's  Mall


Q: What was the inspiration behind your SIM? 

A: 80's and Vaporwave


Q: What is the goal or purpose of your SIM? Or, what do you hope that SL members will gain from experiencing your SIM?

A: Our goal is to have a place for everyone to come hangout, dance, watch movies, and shop. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable.







Club Know Where


Club Know Where Group














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Yeaahh!❤  Loved this! 💥🔥 ^.^ Jaded has a very good talent for decorating ❤ Our club recently had a glow up and she did that in just almost a night!❤ So we hope to see you at our club more often and that you like our new club style! ❤ You will for sure listen to 80s and 90s even though we now have music of all decades!



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 161 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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