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Visit To Rent:

We're introducing a flat Lot for Rent at an astonishing 54000 meters squared!

Here's what's currently available on your own private and cozy 54,000m2 area:

Each site features:

-FREEDOM With your control, allows you to add/ban guests and build whatever you wish!
-AFFORDABLE Rental Box provided in the middle of the lot.
    L$13,000 a week for 18,600 prims.
    That's more prims than Lindens!
-COMPLETE privacy in a very relaxing and serene setting.
-CUSTOMIZABLE as you get to set up the land however you like! Your home! Your life!

And yes, we can move around the rental boxes so they don't get in the way!
Need more privacy? The sky is your limit.

For any questions, please contact Mark at markbwalker via Chat or Notecard!

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