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♥️I want to learn a new Job besides Dj/host♥️

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♥️Hello there. I'm already a Dj/host around and i wanted to see if i could learn a new job ^^. If anyone is willing to train someone in a  job that isn't dj or host just contact me or reply here! I want a decent tipping/paying job because i'll at least be giving my best effort in learning and doing my job right. I am talkative and i am totally friendly.♥️  The  only jobs i wouldn't be up for are jobs that require nudity because that i have a line of respect nobody should cross and i won't show pixel body for money unless it is modeling in an artistic way♥️ If you want a person that loves helping, is friendly and is willing to learn or give their best in a job. Please contact me @StaxQueen in world,  StaxQueen.sl instagram or simply reply here :D i also have a discord > mercury#2710 if you find it easier to contact me that way. 

And yeah for those who would want to see how i look..here is one of my photos!


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