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ALM Shining issues and blings all over clothes made with materials


Good evening : i have a really weird issue with the advanced lighting model : since yesterday the material shining seems to be too strong and makes kind of BLING spots all over others clothes, i made screenshots i can show, it speaks from itself

See two gifs i made, this started 24 hours ago, i tire everything i could with no result


AND close up


Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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The "bling" looks to me like just an artifact of way too much shine. That is, it doesn't look like old-timey particle-generated "bling", meaning it's all a question of why your viewer is getting so much specular effect.

Over time there have been several changes in how specularity is rendered in successive generations of EEP viewers, which may be what you're seeing. Historically, pre-EEP light from non-point-light sources (like the sun and moon) has produced way too little specular reflection, so many creators cranked up their specularity to look "normal" under those conditions which then looked way too shiny when lit by projected lights* under a night sky, for example.

I don't know the details of what EEP specularity tweaking is ahead. If you want a glimpse into the future, maybe try the "Love Me Render" project viewer from January 7th (or a newer version, if any) in case those pending changes will make a difference in what you're seeing.

*You're not still wearing any "facelight", right? It doesn't really look like it. Those always looked very fake under ALM, and made shine effects wildly unpredictable, so even a slight change such as EEP could dramatically skew those effects. But I doubt you're wearing one in this image.


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This is an artifact of Second Life not having physically based rendering. Second Life has an ambient color and a specular color. The effect of both is added. This can push light output past 100% reflective into Full Bright territory. You can get more light out than the lights are putting in. I've had troubles with this on chromed bike parts.

In a PBR system, you have albedo (overall reflectiveness) and roughness. Roughness = 1.0 has no specular reflection, and the object will have the same brightness regardless of viewing angle and surface normal. Roughness = 0.0 is all specular reflection - totally shiny at the light reflection angle, dead black at all other angles. You never get out more light than you put in.

So, in SL, if you have both ambient and specular layers, turn down the color slider grey level until you're no longer hitting saturated white.

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