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WTH is .....


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A thread in General discussions has reminded me of a game we used to play on one of the sailing forums.

Basically the idea is that someone posts a photo of themselves somewhere recognisable in SL for others to guess where they are. The person that guesses right gets to post the question next along with a picture of them in a location. If after a day or two no one has posted the location, then you would start posting hints or asking for them.

I don't want to create lots of rules, it should be obvious really how it would work. But basically acceptable locations have to be reasonably recognisable and because of where I am posting this on mainland. So that would mean LDPW builds or builds that are in a public space and have been there for several years. So the Bellisseria Fairgrounds whilst only around a year or so, would qualify as it is a LDPW build.

Really the most important thing is to have fun and share locations of interest and hopefully develop respect and appreciation of the history of mainland.

Enough talk so lets start it off....

Where the heck is Aethelwine?



WTH is Aet_001.jpg

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4 hours ago, Adamburp Adamczyk said:

if you go into abnor's pub there's an Easter Egg there.

Curious to know more about that, I am not seeing it, but I love the the menu:




Ahh I see the Egg you refer to is triggered when leaving - hehe

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I believe that is the lighthouse in Gaeta, Lastness Region in the Coastal Waterway 214,104,22?


Now, is anyone brilliant enough to figure out where this is? (The clue is in the question.)


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13 hours ago, Rufferta said:

Back when the world was young.  So much has changed since then!


I am guessing it is something to do with Paleo Quest, but never been there before. I am at work now if no one has got it by the time I get home I will see if i can find it. 

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