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Interested in being an auctioneer? We need you!

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Breeder Market is a place to buy and sell your breeder needs. We are currently looking for an auctioneer.

You can check out our market here :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acontia/203/64/114 

Requirements :
-Be able to voice.
-Be at least 30 days old.
-Wears mesh head and body. 
-Speaks english fluently.

What you do will include these, but not limited to :

-Give notecard to seller to fill out the bid item information.
-Makes sure the seller puts the right item on the box.
-While doing auction, talks about the item information for buyers.

Got questions? Feel free to ask maigia resident or nrlhnh resident!

Fill out the form below to apply!



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