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Hello I am am Alexis my friends call me Lexi. I am looking for a partner or partners to rp with. I do I want our avatars to match the scene! I am interested in a much older partner and exploring that. We can switch the scenes up as we desire. If its fun have a continuous ongoing thing or move onto the next! I want it to be fun and exciting. When I said partners I would do it with a older couple as well. I am open to a lot of things but for sure no family or under age stuff. 

I am 18 years old I enjoy being active and being outdoors I also love to get dressed up and do fun stuff. I love to tease and be teased. The thought of being groped in or *****ed in something sexy is very hot to me!  

I would like to play out different fantasies but I will be me and I am ok with you being you if that is what you wish. Obviously switching the how where and current life situations.

If you sound like you might be into trying this let me know :)

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