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NEW! Sailing, Sunset, Protected Oceanfront - Sailing on 10 SIMs - Rare 4096M with 1587 Prim ~ Promo!

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CRISP ESTATES: Simply the best mainland properties, period. 

laughing Hi, I'm Alexis Crisp and I'd love for you take a moment and check our this featured property. I'm a one-woman show, which means you are my #1 priority. I challenge you to find better mainland properties --- you'll be surrounded by friendly and respectful neighbors and clutter-free neighborhoods with all of my properties. laughing

Featuring: SecondLife's BEST SAILING, BOATING, BEACHFRONT Mainland --- Small <512M Skyboxes also available starting at L$ 8/week.

All mainland rentals feature: Full media/music/sound rights, ban list access, terraforming. Breedables welcome!


█ █ █ █████████ Featured Property███████████ █ █ █



  • Residential or Commercial OK!
  • FEATURES: Sailing, Sunset, Protected Oceanfront, Perfectly Square Plot, VERY RESPECTFUL NEIGHBORS, QUIET ISLAND NEIGHBORHOOD! - Sailing Across 10+ SIMS - RARE FIND!



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