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19 minutes ago, Katsomi Kawashima said:

i bought a linden home yesterday and set it to my group but no one can tp here - i cant even tp here myself - the landmark says no information is available about the slurl and "try later" - its been saying that since yesterday



I've had this happen (or something similar) before on a mainland parcel. The entire region was down even though it looked physically there and you would even be blocked by an invisible wall trying to cross the sim.

I would first check to see if you can TP anywhere else in that region or come in from a neighboring one. Then, armed with that extra info of whether the problem is parcel-specific or region-specific, I'd file a support ticket through the website. They will get you sorted!

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1 hour ago, Katsomi Kawashima said:

now it says the region is full - in reality theres no one there


If it's still wonky tomorrow you could try contacting Live Chat which is available from 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Pacific Time (same as SLT) every day.  There's a link for accessing Live Chat on Contact Support : Linden Lab (freshdesk.com)  under "Alternatives to Phone Support".

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