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Aloha all. Hope you're safe and healthy and happy, and dealing with life OK.

I'm having a hard time browsing homes for sale/rent on SL Marketplace and would appreciate your advice. I have a budget, but all the marketplace listings are priced at 0 so I can't sort them by price. I have a prim count I'd like to shoot for, but the listings can't be sorted that way either. There are specific types of regions that feel like home, but the listings aren't separated that way, and can't be sorted that way. This makes Marketplace a really frustrating place to find a home.

I've gone to the inworld offices or websites of SL property managers, and some of them are nicely sorted by these options. But in these places I see just one owner's listings, not everything available. What would be really useful is an SL MLS service, something like the sites we search to find our RL homes. But with no such thing out there, I've ended up renting places by stumbling upon them in regions I enjoy.

To be fair though, maybe the problem is me. Ya know, maybe I just don't know how to sort Marketplace listings properly, or don't know what keywords to use in a Marketplace search. Can anyone suggest what I'm missing here? Maybe there is an SL MLS and I don't know about it. Or if you have some SL Marketplace clues, I'd appreciate it. T H A N K S.


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Personally I have never had luck in the Marktplace listings although I have tried many times. Often the listings (and sometimes the people that made them) are long gone and I frequently ended up in someone's security orb area near nothing at all that looked like the ad.  It really isn't you.  


Best advice is to ask in the land forums (either mainland or estate) saying if you want to rent or buy and the amount you want to spend.  I know places that are $100 and 300 land impact as well as gorgeous spots that are up to 1500 land impact and come with your choice of homes and are fully landscaped and those don't count against your prims.  And there are some in between. All these I found by accident or by watching the forums. ASKING on the forums is certainly allowed. Best to be exact with your wish list for the best answers. OR if you are really open then I guess you can't be so exact :D.   You can also just rent lots of course. 


But it ISN'T you.  The inworld and web searches aren't much better than the Marketplace. Housing is one place that "who you know and who they know" really does count in SL. 


Good luck.    

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I've found the same thing when looking for places. I lucked out, finding most places by stumbling onto them inworld. So Waialae, what you might want to do is browse some of your fav regions and look for the (often terrible) for rent or sale signage.


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Aloha and thanks everybody.

Mahalos Chic, glad to know it's not just me. Good idea, I'll check forums. Sad that SL MP is a big fail for land. Another thing: I'd like to be able to leave reviews for items purchased inworld. Can't do that either, even though I'd really like to throw some kudos to SL's great creators.

Thanks for reaching out Count, I'll look for it.

Thanks Wai, yeah, stumbling seems to work :-)  I really enjoy exploring just by pulling up the map and clicking on random regions. The map view is helpful because you can tell if a region has boating potential, if you're into that.

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