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Hello everyone, I am looking for a professional  Anfitriona (Hostess), with experience preferably from the United States or Europe for this  Monday 18 from 6 to 8 pm SLT  for to make electronics set special.


Requirements:  A) Send references of work done.

                            B) Bring your group of people at least 5 people per hour if  take more better (no bots, no newbies).

                            C) That you have your own dances and personalized gestures that motivate the general public.


 Payment: Salary  for the two-hour set 400 linden total plus tips 100%.


 Send me notecard with references to  Lordlucas Stormcrow or contact me inworld directly.


------------------ The hiring closes this Saturday, so hurry up to send your references--------------

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Yeah, with Annabell on this. I have gestures, dances, and 10 years of references but I don't know what crowd a host will bring, usually the DJs have the group lists. 

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