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I’m new, anybody wanna be friends?

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So, I’m new on here and I haven’t figured out how to take quality pictures yet, that’s why I don’t have a profile picture, but my avatar is fully set up. I came from IMVU, if you’re on there add me at ( datshortyavi ). 

Anyway, I just want to meet some chill people, who just vibe. I like roleplay, I wanna go on holidays, and have fun with a group. I’m a writer, but not a professional one lol, I post on Wattpad. I love music, and I’m a follower of Christ. I’m 21, I recently turned that age. I’m just goofy, and I want silly, goofy friends that I can shop with, hang out with, possibly rent a place with, and stuff. 

so, hmu lol.


also, definitely wanna build a family, brothers, sisters, husband, children .. wya lol.

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It wasn’t a no. I’ve been Christian my entire life, and I’ve had friends who were satanists since we were in middle school and still are. We make a point to respect each other’s beliefs, and avoid disrespecting one another. I can be friends with who ever, as long as there’s mutual respect.

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20 minutes ago, thatbabiiavi said:

Ah, I see, we bash people for their beliefs here. Interesting. 

He's not really bashing you -- he just has an odd sense of humor.  

One of the most important things in SL, especially these forums:  Do not assume that comments are personal attacks.  People come from all over the world and simply have different ways of speaking, often not meaning things in the way that folks from other areas of the world take them. 

You'll usually know right away when something is a personal attack.

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3 hours ago, thatbabiiavi said:

I wasn’t referring to his comment when I said that.

It was never my intention to outright bash Orwar’s beliefs. Prod them, poke them, roast them a bit, yes. I believe he’s particularly fond of the whole roasting thing—and I’m always glad to use my blowtorch.

But at the end of the day, Luciferians and agnostics usually get along just fine. We don’t kill each other (it just isn’t practical to dispense of so much fun), so don’t worry for him.

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