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Watch my 250 pound Shark Robot, Designed & built in SL, fight on BattleBots this Thursday!

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I designed this bot in SL and when I submitted my application to BattleBots the "render" was the picture from the SL design.

They accepted it so I built it in RL and fought with it.

If anyone wants a freebie (kinda prim heavy) copy of the Shark contact me in world. It is a fully detailed & complete version with batteries, motors and all the structural parts in place. Unscripted but a great way to see how they fit together.

I'll be on the Discovery channel Thursday night, BattleBots Fight Night. I'll be the 3rd fight in.

They did a nice interview with me about how I built him in SL, because most teams use real CAD lol, and SL is basically a free way to build and test designs. No clue what they will air but it should be fun to watch.

Edited to add, I got to see it early and they cut my bit down to like 3 lines and nothing about SL. Sorry about that.

Move along, nothing to see here.

I sold him after the event and am designing a new one. Gonna cost about 30k to build. i could use a Sponsor! (Hint Hint LL)


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Yeah we are kinda tough on each others toys. In SL it's easy to rez another and go back to fighting when one get's blown up. In RL it's a 20 to 50k investment that could be gone in 30 seconds. Takes 3 to 6 months to build one. Come up against a bot like Tombstone and anything less than 1/4" thick ar500 steel will be like paper to him.

Even AR500 is becoming "not good enough". The weapons get stronger every season. One team entered a 500 pound walking robot with a 100 pound hammer and about 3 tons of hitting power. That thing was amazing. Most people don't armor the top well so a good hammer can be deadly. Get right in there and smash up a $500 speed control real quick. No speed control, no speed, no good.


I sold this bot. I build, fight and sell bots, that's what I do. RL and SL. So now I have to build a new one. 😃

I actually sold him prior to the event and shipped him off afterwards, "slightly" worse for wear lol.

They did a big thing about me selling it on the first Bounty Hunter episode (only available on Disco plus) but we didn't talk about SL at all so I didn't share that one. While filming this episode they did a good 15 minutes with me on designing & building Bots in SL and getting young people to join so they can build and test designs without having to invest 10's of thousands of dollars just to test a design. No clue how much will air but hopefully SL will at least get a good mention and a little more publicity.


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