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* Get the second week free! * Instant access! * Adult mainland parcels for rent or sale

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Attractive land along the Southwestern Bypass available for rent now! 

Adult - 512 m2 - 175 prims - L$169 / week - Get the second week free! - Map - Also available for sale


Further along the dirt road just off the Southwestern Bypass:

Adult - 1024 m2 - 350 prims - L$275 / week - Get the second week free! - Map


In addition the following new parcels in Volokov:

Adult - 2048 m2 - 702 prims - L$499 / week - Get the second week free! - Map - Also available for sale


All units offer INSTANT ACCESS when rented, no waiting around for anyone to manually add you to a group!

Security Orb included upon request!


See all offers on our web site: https://vr-systems.cloud/rentals

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