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Hello Everyone

Am looking for a relationship in SL.I have been roaming about in sl and trying to socialise at various venues but no luck hence am placing this ad here.

In rl am a 38yr old Black  female living in london

In rl you must be male and live in london.In sl you must also be male.Any Ethnicity welcome

I can be online every other day as from 8pm.

I want to experience life in sl, build a home together,explore places,travel together and and just have fun.

Relationship will progress gradually and at some point we can move in together in sl

I can do voice chat sometimes.

Am quite shy in rl and sl.



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  • bree82 changed the title to Looking for a relationship

I would highly recommend continuing to explore the grid and just get familiar with all kinds of people. I'd imagine there are lots of men out there who do live in London, but unless you plan to bring this relationship in to RL, I wouldn't make that a requirement. I know there are many match making sims in SL, as well as groups catering to that kind of thing, so I don't think it'd hurt to start there. 

I would also suggest listing some of your interests, if this really is what you want to do. It might help people to get a good impression of you if they knew what you liked to do with your free time, or perhaps what your favorite music is. Little things like that really do help people connect with you. 

Good luck! 

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