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Creating mesh clothes for a body that dont have a Dev-kit.

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Hello there, this is my first post here and i am already looking for help, maybe advice and ideas for my project. I recently brought a old avatar ( from 2013 if i am right ),  its a old one made or prims, yes i know, today day we use mesh rigged bodies, but the ones we have on market dont fit my project, the body i brought was the one called Daenotaur from NIRAMYTH, the same creator of Aesthetic.

Before i purchased it i knew there was no dev-kit for it, not even UVmaps, yet some people at the time it was released was able to make some mesh clothes and textures ( maybe the body had a dev-kit at the time? ), i spend 5 days looking the whole marketplace for bodies that would have the same proportions, size, height and would give the "strong" feeling the Daenotaur body already gives itself naturally, but i could not find even using deformers to deform the skeleton and the mesh after ( not to mention that its just too much work and money spend to get something similar to the body i want to use ).

In the last days i managed to not "rip" the textures using illegal programs and ways, but to re-escale ( on a low quality ) the texture in a way for me to use as UVmap so i dont lose the "muscles" places in the texture, as long with the light placement it have ( so in the end i will be able to make 100% new textures for myself ), and right now i am looking to know if theres a technic, or idea, or a way you experienced creators have to create a mesh just by looking at pictures or directly inside SL, without having the 3d model a development kit gives you to work on..

I know theres might be something i am missing, maybe there is a dev-kit, but i cant find even, even a friend of mine asked the creators before i brought the body, and they said theres no dev-kit for it anymore.

And sorry for my english, its not my first language..

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to make mesh fit a certain body perfectly, you need the weights of that body, hence a dev kit is needed. everything else is doing it by trial and error, uploading multiple times on beta grid to try to get as close as possible. 

before the dev kits, we used the standard SL avatar to rig to and made standard sizes that would not react to sliders. this is something you can still do and try to play around to get as close as possible to your shape, then alpha out the parts that clip through your uploaded mesh clothes


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If you look at what kind of content people have made for the Daenotaur, you'll see that it's all unrigged clothing. There are also no texture mods for the body.

This implies that there was never a "dev kit" for the body and it was all made by hand, which is not that difficult considering all the sizing/position adjustments can be done directly in-world.

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