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You only partner up with someone...Yes, how must she/he be?

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And ..... not partnered anymore. RL stuff happened and since that is way more important than SL, I figure the right decision was made. 

I did manage to assuage the pain a bit by going on a terribly expensive shipping spree ... seven new hairstyles from Magika was only the tip of the spending.


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On 1/11/2021 at 12:27 PM, Doc Carling said:

I'm talking about an official partnership confirmed by Linden and visible in your profile. At what point do you say "yes"? And when do you say "no"? If anyone now thinks: "He must be definitely not like you, Doc!" No problem. That's ok. lol As for my expectations. Well,  I meet a lady online. We married in real life and it ended in a disaster. So it's hard to imagine for me that I partner with someone online again.

I met my Partner on our Originals in the old (Original) SL Amazon Nations. After talking and shopping together for a bit, we discovered that we were into a whole bunch of the same - strange - stuff. We Partnered in late 2005 and including anti-stalker avatar changes, we are still actively together.

One of our "rules" has always been "no RL contact" - so we've never had the chance to spoil a beautiful, virtual thing by getting fragile flesh and blood involved in it.

..its also kind of handy when you can log out of a disagreement before one of you says something unforgivable and come back to it when the urge to "win" an argument has passed.

For me, it was finding someone (from a whole other country) that resonated on the same strange frequency that I do. We've never run out of things to talk about, have always kept our inworld finances strictly 50-50 and have never demanded that our "other half" sell out a strongly-held belief for the sake of being together. We agree to disagree about some things (no emotional blackmail) and all the *work* that entails has made the relationship much more valuable.

I found someone what was willing to show me she loved me, not just mumble-the-words-and-log.

We have had some spectacular disagreements too, but *us* is collectively more precious than me/her. I learned that from being around her 🙂

I'll do another 15 years with her ! .....just to make sure I was right about the first 15 😄


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2 hours ago, TrophySpouse said:

If I were to partner up with someone, that person has to be normal and not crazy.

And what is "normal" in your opinon?

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On 1/12/2021 at 8:03 AM, Doc Carling said:

That's probably the main reason why SL is a graveyard of broken hearts. People head over heels in virtual love partner up  only to notice a short time later that they don't match at all. I say virtual love, because they aren't in love with a real person,  only with a computer generated graphic and the legend and lies that the owner of this graphic tells them.

no offense, but this isn't a dating site.  this isn't a site dedicated to finding love, even though people do meet here and fall in love.   People meet in the supermarket and fall in love.. That doesn't we all should stand around the supermarket in hopes of falling in love. .  I also have an SL relationship in SL with a woman on the other side of the globe.   it works for me, not for everyone.  I  have no wish to meet here in RL.   Sorry that your relationship didn't work, but that's the way life is. 

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On 4/8/2021 at 3:17 AM, Doc Carling said:

And what is "normal" in your opinon?

Good question.

Normal would be someone who has the ability to interpret experiences and reality accurately without needing to embellish them with fever dreams.

Normal would be logical. Like a new mother who just gave birth and the baby is healthy? That's great, congratulations. An abnormal person would ask if it's a natural or caesarean delivery and declare her "not a real woman" if she had a caesarean.

Normal would not push conspiracy theories favored by right-wing news.

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