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so i wanted to do this thing... where if you buy an avatar from my store, you get a 25% off coupon for your next purchase.  you can use this coupon to

A: buy a 'basic' avatar and get a discount on one add-on
B: buy  'basic' avatar, then use the coupon to 'upgrade' it to the advanced version
😄 get discounts on subsequent avatars
😧 after you buy 4 avatars, you can get one free by combining your four 25% coupons

(smilies?  seriously?  ::sigh::)


i have purchased a vendor system (not caspervend) that has percentage coupons, and allows the combination of discount coupons up to a 100% discount.  it's a good system, but is no longer actively supported by the creator.  also, it doesn't have all the networked stuff and redelivery stuff.


i also have these items on the marketplace.  but... as you know, if i put a no-copy coupon inside my box of copy/mod stuff... the whole box is no-copy.  so, basically, if the coupon is in the box, i can't allow redeliveries.  which is bad.


i DO know that caspervend has a setting where you can deliver an ancillary item -- like a no-copy coupon.  um, presumably as a one-time thing.  but last i heard, caspervend didn't want to do percentage-off coupons.  they only did specific L value cards.


so my question is... is there a better way to handle no-copy % coupons that come with my products? 


is there a way to... 'finagle' this on marketplace?  i was thinking of creating a listing of the avatar box without the no-copy coupon, but not list it for sale.  instead, i could send a box to each person who buys an avatar, and then they could get the couponless one redelivered.  but that sounds like... yeah.


any ideas or alternatives?


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Just slip it (copy it) into the current version folder. No need to box it at all. It will get delivered at the same time but as a separate inventory item in the same folder.


Just a make sure it's in the version (delivery) folder and not the top level.


You can save your customer the hassle of unboxing by putting everything in there instead of a box. No real reason to box things at all here. Unless it's item specific or something.

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