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There's a new live music and DJ venue inworld, check us out!

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The VenueSL is a virtual live music venue set in the virtual world of Second Life. We're looking for aspiring singers and DJs in order to give them opportunity to make a bit of an income online with their talents.

We're a small endeavor but we'd love to help out anyone who loves to perform and already has a following but no permanent venue to perform in. 

We'll provide the space, I can host for you, or you provide your own host! Tips are 100% yours and your host!

So far we have three acts lined up for FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS starting 3pm SLT. They are the following:

Miele:  This DJ is one of a kind with an eclectic, fun and diverse tunes on her repertoire! If you're looking for someone whose sets aren't typical or cookie cutter, she's your girl. She comes in at 3PM SLT! Bring in your friends who'd like to hear something different once in a while.

Margot Plutonian: It's always a lively time when DJ Margot (Miguel Plutonian) is playing! She will be playing fun and festive Brazilian beats and pop every 5PM SLT & SATURDAY 6PM! Come with your dance posse and party!

Angelikus Deo: Hailing from the southern part of the Philippines, she is a professional singer who has graced the country's music scene since 2011. Due to the pandemic keeping us indoors, she now looks into Second Life to work for a living. She aspires to break into the SL music scene with her wonderful vocals and engaging repertoire honed by her years as a performer in real life.
Watch her LIVE in Second Life every FRIDAY, 6-7pm SLT, SATURDAY 4-5PM SLT & SUNDAY 6-7PM SLT.
To get a slot to perform or DJ in our venue, please fill out the Google form: The VenueSL Schedule
Thank you in advance!

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