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I didn't know what this was...

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...A man cape? Are there such things?

Then my daughter said her boyfriend got one.

Have you ever seen such things?

I wonder sometimes if SL sets fashion in RL or follows it?

Or is entirely insulated.

Some things I think are purely SL.



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1 hour ago, Prokofy Neva said:

...A man cape? Are there such things?

yes thats a thing... and very comfortable.
It's not that often seen, so not really a strange question.

Its a very comfortable piece to wear.

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Personally, I thought that coat is ghastly! (I think I object to the yellow houndstooth mostly) Not at all in my taste. However, I am not opposed to a man shawl, er cape er, ruana...

Although  I would say these guys wear them better....



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