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What is Your Prediction for SL in 2021?

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On 4/9/2021 at 9:14 AM, LittleMe Jewell said:

My guess is that over the years they have managed to lay off everyone that knew anything at all about the map processes.  Now, the remaining developer has to dig through tons of spaghetti code to try and figure out how it works.

Not so.  The LAST person to work on the Big Map code was Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden, founder of Second Life).  Philip stopped his technical (programming) work in SL around 2007.  Philip is still around, building new worlds, and I doubt even he remembers what he coded 14 years ago.  The problem was since the Map continued to work, more or less, that SL management never assigned anyone to maintain the code, much less prepare it for the AWS liftoff.


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My prediction for SL in 2021?
It will be around. No spectacular new features or improvements.

SL is aging, and it starts to show.
Look at the paint on the brand new themes in Bellisseria.

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34 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

Look at the paint on the brand new themes in Bellisseria.

Yes, they fired the painter recently.  And painted the stilt trim in the rain.  No wonder it's already peeling.

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