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On 1/2/2021 at 5:37 PM, Solar Legion said:

While the version might have been newer to you it was not the newest version of the drivers and is still counted as having rolled back.

To put it in simpler terms: 20.12.1 is the current version of the AMD Radeon GPU driver suite. It is not working correctly and the advice is to roll back to the last, stable release. This is not telling you to roll back to the last version you had installed - that would have been specified had such been the intent.

It really does not matter what you say or how you phrase it - the advice given to you was correct. You chose to take it as meaning something other than what was being advised - that is on you.

Unless given a specific driver version to install as a suggestion from tech support, do not assume the version you originally had installed before your update was anywhere close to the last stable version.

No, it *was* the newest one. Go and look on the site.

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The current drivers for the bulk of AMD Radeon GPUs were released on December 18th and are version 20.12.2 for Windows 10 and 20.12.1 for Windows 7. If your driver is not 20.12.2 or 20.12.1 then you are either using older drivers or an older GPU for which these drivers are not the most recent.

According to the information you have presented, the drivers you are using are not the latest drivers (your statement is that they were dated as November 18th) thus either said drivers are a version behind or your hardware is incapable of using the current drivers.

Now, stop trying to be contrary for the sake of it.

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Probably unrelated but today I had a hard crash and then couldn't relog. The pop up said my graphics drivers were out of date or not properly installed.

It's a new laptop with NVidia GeForce.

Searching for an update told me I had the latest already. So I searched on line for help. That led me to the NVidia site, and I did reinstall which fixed it.

I'm an IT numpty, so I felt good about doing that, although it took maybe an hour. That was after restarting my laptop, downloading the SL viewer, which didn't work either, and reinstalling Firestorm.

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 Recently I enter more often in the forums than in the grid, but today -since I read above thread-  I visited my home in sl and everything seems ok.

Am no expert and have no info to add here but  I wish and hope all will be perfect in sl in 2021 and more.


christmas card.jpg

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