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~Roleplaying help needed~

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Hi everyone!

I am still fairly new to second life and can use a couple of tips for roleplaying for newbies. I am a little familiar with roleplaying but i seem to get really shy alot of the time when roleplaying. Does anyone else have this issue or is there any tips that anyone else use that can assist with this?

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great icon btw

ok so disclaimer its like 12am so this is gonna be messy

i'm very very shy too!! especially when it comes to roleplaying. most of my shyness comes from initiating, so this is what i'll focus on.

join rp groups and keep tabs on the group chat! even though group chats are wonky now for a number of reasons, they're still super useful, moreso than waiting around on the rp sim hoping someone will approach. you'll often find people posting IC or looking for partners in these groups, and if you see some bait you'd like to take, go for it! you can also say 'hi i'm looking for x for x scenario' and hope someone comes by if the shyness doesnt kick in

definitely approaching people is hard but i find it's easier to do a walk-up by im'ing the person first or approaching someone who has 'walk ups welcome' in their titler - and it's definitely easier to do so when they're say, sitting at a location rather than standing in the middle of the road, it gives ya something to go off of

basically! just go in it with a 'yolo' attitude (like it's 2012) 

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- Having a filled out profile usually helps. It lets people know how approachable you are and to figure out RP compatibility.

- Try not to be a wallflower. You will find yourself ignored. Give yourself an excuse to post to people.

- It seems to me that most people are too focused on themselves to notice anything you might be doing wrong. If being self-conscious is one of the factors to the shyness, it's good to keep this in mind.

- Get out of your comfort zone by taking up an RP job as a waiter, shopkeep, etc. This will help make you get used to people if you have no choice but to approach RP customers to do the job. 

- Sadly, people seem to congregate in packed bars/tavern no matter how big the sim is. Instead of trying to RP with EVERYONE there,  tunnel vision on the 2-3 people you're engaging with.

- Post RP hooks if the sim gives a place to do that on. Respond to RP hooks posted by others too.


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I come at roleplaying from the perspective of improv and tabletop games. Something you want to keep in mind is the concept of the spotlight. Everyone in a roleplay is a participant and should be allowed to be in the spotlight for a while. To do this, improvisers (and GMs in tabletop roleplaying) feed each other ideas and tie ins. This allows you to insert yourself into the roleplay and have your moments in the spotlight.

Basically, it's simply about getting involved and continuing to have something to play off of.

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