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Stilt Home Decorating - Show us your style

Chic Aeon

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While "I" of course don't have a stilt home, I still have premium friends -- some which offered to let me play with their houses and others that are staying put in their Victorians.   


But an old partner (business, not romantic) of mine got aa great spot so I will be over playing and hope others will join in and show off their decorating of these fun houses.  

Here is the spot he got. He thought he wanted beachfront but when he got this place he stopped looking. He wants a one story house so plenty of prims to "clutter" with. Will be fun.   


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For those of you wondering what is in the stilt home creation pack, I asked my friend to take a screenshot. It is apparently a BIG pack and won't fit on the screen (this is good I think). There are some surfboards included also.   Nice that there are DOORS although his house is pretty small and likely won't need any more rooms.  And there is a box called "terrain textures".  That's all I know at this point. Onward.  


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I recognize a lot of furniture I also have LOL.  The Trompe kitchen looks great in the bigger house. Too big for this little one.  I had fun working outside in the garden and got to use a LOT of plants that were sad and lonely in my inventory.  I used up 78 li outside and that includes my "boat repair" prop which is 20 and that very nice seating for four from last holiday season which is so close to "free prims" it makes me tear up LOL. All good.   So I am off now as lots to do in that corporeal world. But here's what I have.

GREAT palms by fundati and the spindly desert plants adding some color are also by them. Crotons by Little branch.    Charlie put some of the Linden plants here and there to tie the house landscaping to the street landcaping.  I think it is working well so far.  





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It took me a while to really nail down which style I wanted to use. I've gone with the Tortuga but that big space inside, although I love it, is a big challenging. Lots to do! I think it will be a while till I've finished decorating. Meanwhile on the outside, because I didn't get the lovely spots I had an eye on which had sandbanks nearby, I thought I'd try and cobble together my own imitation of what the Moles had done (not nearly so well but had to use what I've got) 🙂


Adds more of a feeling of aesthetic privacy and is nice to look out at from the windows:) And to make the spot much more like what I was looking for I used derender and have a lovely view at the sides now:


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1 hour ago, Sparkely Sugar said:

 Amo minha nova casa de palafitas compartilhada que estou decorando com meu amigo. Eu realmente não achei que palafitas fosse o meu estilo, mas ela me convenceu a vir e experimentar. Agora eu amo isso.  


Um ângulo diferente do meu amigo 

Minha nova residência Linden |  Palafita |  Santiago


your garden is beautiful

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Not gone mad so far, was hoping it would grow on me after a bit of decorating but the view out back of sand and seagrass really isn't doing it for me, btw the palms are from OPQ 7 palms only 2 Li.
With all three stilt options coming up on every refresh over the last hour or two for an alt seems safe enough now to try for a pier



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4 hours ago, Sparkely Sugar said:

 Love my shared new stilt house I am decorating with my friend.  I really did not think stilts would be my style, but a she convinced me, to come and try it. Now I love it.  


A different Angle from my friend 

My new Linden Home | Stilt House | Santiago


I LOVE what you've done with the water.

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Not in any hurry and with 130 li still left AND no linking to save any prims LOL it feels like a vacation after those 50 li stylings. Coming along nicely and think it feels quite "manly" (not for me remember).  The Havana is small enough that you have PLENTY of li points to work with.


Here is the living room so far. Bathroom is all done and kitchen dining mostly and most of one bedroom.  Added more outside too.

Need to do patio (know what goes there I think) and the guest bedroom.



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