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Linden Home Theme Suggestion


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I hope this is the right place to suggest this.  It would be cool to have a space theme.  Like no land at all.  Just space (sky) with starfield and space homes.  A view of the milky way, the moon, and earth below would be so cool.  Homes at different levels (heights) - round with windows all around and central rooms for privacy.  Anyway, that's my suggestion.

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I think that space sky homes would be popular with both sci-fi fans and some of the people that prefer to live in skyboxes. It would be an excellent opportunity to have open water or a hilly landscape on the ground level too, as there wouldn't be any need to have completely flat parcels.

As someone that has small space stations regularly over my land, I'd be very happy to see this :)

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52 minutes ago, animats said:

Space sky home. Looking at the moon with Rachel Stardust, who has been working on using EEP for space scenes.

It really would be a tremendous opportunity to showcase EEP too!


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Before you get too deep into any musings about suggestions, here are a few of the guiding parameters to keep in mind:

1024 parcels
All parcel should be the same dimensions
20-25 parcels per region
Parcel borders cannot touch each other
Parcel border cannot touch a region border
A parcel cannot encompass the center of a region
Theme needs to appeal to a broad enough user base

What does that mean? One thing it means is that any theme that relies on sweeping vistas for every home is probably not very feasible with 2 dozen parcels in a region. It also means urban environments are problematic because parcels cannot touch. Mountainous environments are complicated in achieving changes in elevation without significant space between parcels. Those are just but a few. 

In every theme we release there is always a new feature or design element that presents significant and often unintended consequences in our ability to meet both our requirements and your expectations. Even small feature ideas that seem simple on it's surface will have a ripple effect through the process that can essentially make a theme unworkable from a practicality standpoint.

But by all means please keep giving us your suggestions, desires, thoughts and ideas. Most of the ones residents have presented so far have been bantered about in one form or another already, but we are paying attention. Just knowing what residents want is extremely helpful when we discuss the possibilities in weighing the pros and cons of what we can give them. 

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I know we've seen a couple of US reinterpretations of European styles used as the inspiration, and I wonder a little if something a bit closer to the original would be a good idea. There was the Japanese style in the original Linden homes, though it may not have been done right. I think the target might be a Linden Suburban version of a real world style, and the original shouldn't have to be in the USA. So one stage of interpretation rather than two.

That doesn't exclude an architectural style, but some need a lot of modification to work as Linden Homes. They're going to have to change in some ways, so why try to copy from an American copyist?

And could a Linden Home be designed with a more open configuration, with resident-adjustable interior walls?

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:48 AM, Jupiter Firelyte said:

Perhaps it's a little reminiscent of Bay City, but I think it would be nice to revisit Art Deco.

Art Deco.png

Oh my gosh, not only would I be down for a Belli theme like this, I just want some creators on SL to make a few houses in this modernist art deco style PERIOD! I have a Bay City parcel and I spent HOURS scouring the marketplace and TPing to all the leading architecture shops in world searching high and low for a house like this. And yep, I came up completely empty. The only thing I was able to find were some really old prim builds in this style by one particular seller on the MP. Nothing new and mesh at all. Really bummed that if you want to stick to the Bay City time period and have a nice mesh house you have to go craftsman. I would be overjoyed to see these done justice in Belli.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 305 days.

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