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Hello! I've not been here in a very long Time! 
I'm a very experienced Professional Lead Environment Artist working in the Game Industry.
I've got Several years Experience working on both AAA and Indie Titles with multiple game releases.

I've written curriculum for both a Bachelors and Masters Degree teaching Game Art at Escape University in London.
I also have written and created new techniques within the game industry for creating photorealistic and advanced techniques for creating assets.

Here's My Portfolio:

Here's an Article I wrote for Allegorithmic (The Leading Industry Standard for Real-time Graphical Art)

Here's the University Details of myself (this May eventually be taken down as of January I'll be leaving and venturing back into the Industry as a Lead Artist.)

Here is some of my Students work too:

I offer full services, Custom work which includes but is not Limited to:
Full buildings/sims
Weapons (Knives/Pistols/Assault Rifles/Swords/Shotguns/Futuristic/Sci-fi/Stylized ((Cartoon)))
Avatars (Have access to a wide range of 'cosplay' avatars).

Amongst my services I also offer Services of custom work I also offer Tutoring 

Prices vary depending on what is requested and how long I have to created, what permissions you're requested and if you're requesting exclusivity or just commissioned work.

You can contact me Via:
Email: Meshcore@Live.co.uk
Discord: Cereal Killer#9496 (yes I know it's an awesome name!)

I usually Charge GBP (Great British Pounds) For my work as I am a UK Resident and money will differ between countries in terms of cost.
In return I offer amazing service, great contact and availability and professionalism, a Guarantee you're happy with my work and Future work too.

Tutoring: £60 Per Hour (1-2 hour sessions at a time that is best for yourself) 
(I can also help with access to programs if there are any issues)
Commissions: £30 per hour or an estimation depending on the size of the product.
Exclusivity: £50 per hour or an estimation.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 121 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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