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What happened to the official Linden "The Wild West" continent

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If memory serves, there were 39 connected sims. Over a period of a few months, (well before Covid), they broke up and sims were let go. Now only 4 remain connected in Mexico. Was there some sort of DRAMA by one or more sim owners or was it purely financial like the rest of the grid has undergone. I've heard both theories. Anyone have any thoughts?

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If we think about the same - well I don't know, as I do not stand in contact with each owner or admin talking about those developments. Are you shure there are only 4 ww-rp sims left really? I just visited more than 8 sims in the last weeks... even the sim I'm roleplaying a lot has two more neighboursims (in total: 3), using several levels not just a small landscape at all. OK it separated from the others some years ago. I'll make a liste of rp-sims left comparingĀ  old and new ones... roleplaying for 10 years or more, I didn't examine all sims in the same way, but I'll take the challenge to collect some informations and place them here in some time... what about using the list of the last used ww-telegraph stations as a tool to collect active sims?

Good old times are so good to remember, especially as a trader for ww-goods keeping ww-rp alive. So beside a simple SL map I have to use some tp-links to hop to the next country... well, that works, too. So, yes - I'd prefer all wild west sims situated side by side to take a canoetrip on connected rivers for an hour or more šŸ˜‰.

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