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 Succulent Seductions may be new to the grid, but not to ownership of clubs in Second Life!   We are looking for the following:

Dancers & Escorts  Interact with the DJ's , and vips

Must know how to send notices 

Also commit to 1 - 2 shifts 

You can become an Escort if you want (additional requirements) 

Must be MESH

we are open to any gender - male, female, trans, gender fluid, gender neutral,  we are also open to hiring Dancers who are Furries (for furry night only),!

Succulent Seductions is open to all walks of life and will cater to m4m, f4f, LGBTQA+  as we will be holding a bear soup night, ladies night, furry  night and pride nights!  

Come and apply now at: 

Succulent Seductions  : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SS0-BB-0pYDoSt55jeqt5QuhhY_Bllk120vhS2AR-Xk

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