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Snake looking for herpetology enthusiast owner/family

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Since this is Second Life and I can be whatever I want, I decided to pick the perhaps unusual choice of being a snake. A King Cobra to be exact. Again, thankfully since this is Second Life, owning a King Cobra is considerably more safe and not near suicidal ;) If you are a single person or a family, I wouldn't mind joining, especially if you are herpetology fans. I'm pretty flexible. I can do strict rp (i.e. no talking in local, only emoting, keep up the danger level without god-modding at any time). I can also play it very casual; magical talking snake? You've got it! Or I can do a combination of the two whenever the time calls for it and it feels right. I'm nearly always up for a good casual conversation, as I hope in the long run we can become friends. 

Since I know time zones are a big deal when looking for people I'll mention now I live in EST time zone. I don't have a set schedule but currently I log on every couple days, though if I had more reason to I would imagine I could do once a day - either by planning out schedules or just happenstance. Normally I log on anywhere from 6AM SLT to 10PM SLT. That's a huge window. I tend to be very flexible with that too, so time zones shouldn't be much of an issue. 

If you are interested then let me know, or even if you have a question or two. I'll be online most of today, probably. 

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I don’t really have a family in SL but I’m down to talk herps anytime. I’m more of a gecko/lizard gal myself and could use some snake knowledge. 

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Nice idea and offer. In the roleplay I am used to play - a wild west rp in the second part of 19th century - maybe we can integrate you for a guest role. As rattlesnake you'd have much more possibilities here 😉  So I'll ask my rp-friends weather they are interested in your offer. For myself I sometimes play a bird, an ant, a rat, some other insects and a simple snake (viper) if there is opportunity beside a human role. Even the acting as a cactus had results in funny experiences. Most barriers in these roleplays is, that only nonverbal communication should take place.

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