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When will LL have Full regions available again?

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So i'm looking to buy a full region, 20,000 prims, 100 avatar limit. 

But every time that i go to the Second life land store it tells me to come back later. it's been telling me this for two months now. 

I have the $$ to throw Linden labs way for setting me up my own private region. I'm currently paying $140 USD a month for a homestead (Privately rented) and it would be much better if i could have my own region and pay monthly tier to LL.  To privately rent a full region it's roughly 20,000 Linden a week. Which is outside of my spending range. 

I'm tired of paying land barons.

 I don't feel comfortable purchasing a sim from someone else at a "private auction". As i don't trust a lot of people in Second life and have been scorned in the past by liars and thief's . 

Does anybody have any idea when secondlifes land store will be back up? 

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2 hours ago, Katherine Heartsong said:

I have a quick question as well about buying full regions from Linden, now they are available. Basically ... where do they go? Who decides where they get placed in the world?

It randomly assigns a free spot, but you can manually change region's position on the grid when you order one. It has to be  a few tiles away from any existing region, unless existing region's owner adds you to allowed neighbors list, in that case you will be able to have adjancent regions. More here:


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