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It feels like the end of the world, so lets go down together?

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I took a break from SL in the midst of Corona, however now that things have mellowed out I'm back! I find it hard to know where to begin in even looking for friends, I would like to make girl friends I'm open to guys friends too just would love to be able to have a sleep over and apply a good face mask and binge watch harry potter or lotr! 

A little about me:

 I enjoy shopping a bit too much and also love building, decorating, and landscaping. I love games, movies, adventuring to new sims. I know how to role-play and have before and would love to get more into it however by no means do i want or expect all our interactions to be RP, maybe we could hang in discord and watch a movie, or go listen to a live singer? I'm literally so down for anything and anything!

I really aspire to have a genuine friendship and not just something were we add each other for the sake of not feeling lonely and having more people online, I've gone through the whole quantity phase and really just crave quality. I'm very loyal, to a fault sometime. I'm caring and genuine and once i build a foundation with you I would do anything for you. I'm easy going, reliable, and I would like to think I'm funny, however I might just be highly sarcastic. I am forgiving and understanding and above all just want those around me to enjoy whatever life doing whatever they love. (As long as they aren't killing anyone lol). 

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Hi, I'm always looking for friends to play games with like Greedy, Yahtzee, Blitz 31, Pictionary, etc. I also like exploring, dancing, live singing and dancing shows, sl bowling, sl mini golf, surfing, sailing. .a ton of stuff! I also love to do laid back things like people watching and relaxing. 

I have a joyful and often silly personality. 

If you or anyone else who feels that we share interests, send me a notecard, I'd hate to have my IMs capped and miss messages. 



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Hi Asha!

it was great reading a little about you.  I too am a huge Harry Potter fan and tend to spend a great deal of my time in second life role playing a fourteen year old hufflepuff.  It would be great to welcome you into the RP fold if that’s something that interests you.  But it’s not all I do:  I also enjoy playing board games, going to concerts, shopping to a fault, and taking photographs.  The friends I have in world also play some games outside of SL like Star Wars the Old Republic, jackbox, and phasmophobia.  We’re a bit irreverent yet easy going, and I for one am always happy to expand on meeting people!  If you’re interested in hanging, hit me up inworld.  My time zone is SLT+2 but I work nights so my hours are alllll over the place.  Hope to chat soon!

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