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The Land Store is currently unavailable (Still)

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Been checking this page for 2 weeks now, same rubbish message 'check back soon'.. Little misleading, hate to think what SL idea of soon is.

If the staff could please be more informative on this subject, instead of leaving me in limbo, that would be great (maybe I'm just old, i think telling its as is its ,is good manners). Maybe explain that you running low on staff, or sever supplies are low (from whereever sl shops) and you don't know when you will have severs ready... you know, some truth, its appreciated.. rather than some PR trash speak... like i said, dose not fill me with confidence, and starting to put me off the idea of committing to a region (and the time commitment of revitalizing the Dark survival RPG scene)... Could i expect the same level of information, once i purchase land?


how its left me feeling so far is; the PR team are making it look like SL is doing better than it is, saying there is high demand, but i not sure that is the case as all, as you would be rushing to supply more server. This misleading information makes me worry that you are lying to gain custom.

Level up your PR, bit more truth and a little less guff :P

Any chance of the store having island in stock this year? or any idea of pricing (UK so i guess VAT) so i can plan ahead... or should i just call it a day and invest in other projects?

already have enough worries I'm not getting the truth from SL, kind of making me re-think any investments (and had already started the work on code and objects) - take is as feedback, its free :P

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no i did not submit a tick, nor would i. The page it self should inform me, I should not need to request a ticket for clarification.. that's silly :P

All the links on the land pages its self directs me to Auctions. also not what i'm looking for.

Thanks for the link, at least that some more information. Maybe that should be included on the private region sales page... not 'check back soon', like it has been for the 2 weeks i have been watching.. who knows how long its been like that.

or in other words. I should not have to go hunting for information to find out what happening (this is why i say this post is good feedback), when I'm interested in purchasing a region. They are try to sell me stuff right? so why not make it truthful, clear and informative.

I love SL, just hope it being run by people that know what's going on and not telling me what they think i wanna here e.g ''check back soon''



after reading that article i understand why you talk about submitting a ticket. You refer to requesting land... no requesting clarification of the page i was referring too. 

This should really be included on the sales page its self. Thanks again for the info, really helps :)

Still think the people in charge of the page should fix this issue. I came to the forums to ask, a lot of people just wont bother and walk away (maybe to sine space :P or open world)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 133 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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