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I don't want male characters to be rendered in-game

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2 minutes ago, TonyJr8598 said:

Why are you constantly questioning? I don't talk to men, I don't need to see them either. I don't really hate them but there is a lot of unnecessary avatar clutter. Is there just such a thing or not? There is no surprise in this .. Please friends. I think it makes perfect sense for someone with a slow internet. I thank the friends who helped. I do not read comments from friends who are surprised or try to humor on my topic..

I think the best option for you would be, like Gage said.. De-render them when you get to a place.. I don't believe there is an option to just de-render specific types of avatars, because anyone can switch from male to female with an outfit folder change..

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How YOU doing?

I don't want male characters to be rendered in-game. It would be enough to see only the female characters. Does this have a choice?

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This guy really has no clue.. and its sad....  You know bud just by making yourself the only guy in the room to yourself, doesn't mean all the other men just disappear.  We are still there...  How about you set your complexity level down in firestorm since your having "connection issues" and stop visiting all the sex sims...  Start there and you might not have so many lag issues.


Just another dude trying to help.

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Just now, Drakonadrgora Darkfold said:

or set it to render friends only and make sure you only have female friends.. :P

Can you imagine how empty his Sl would be.... Just him and himself... It would be like the TV show Last man on Earth, except in SL and there wont be ANYONE

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