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16 minutes ago, Grianee said:

Is anyone having problems accessing their Flickr account, mine was working fine earlier now I keep getting the message Ooops something went wrong, Tried everything suggested on the site but nothing is working.


I can get to mine just fine.

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1 hour ago, Grianee said:

Ok not sure whats gone wrong still cant get to it, is there any other way to upload pics without flickr?


Plenty of methods, depending on exactly what you are attempting to do. Flickr is nothing more than an Image Hosting service and is not a part of Second Life nor affiliated with Linden Lab, so an outage or issues with Flickr .... has little to do with Second Life.

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6 minutes ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

I got back into my Flickr account a few minutes ago.

They're reporting all systems operational now.  The problem seemed to lie with AWS.


There are various ways to share images. If you want to put an image into the forum you can drag and drop or paste or upload or post a link. Dropping, pasting, and uploading limit you to a 2MB image file.

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