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Is it OK to uninstall Second Life origin viewer?

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Hi, me again but this time I'm not going to ask about lindens again but I have a question which case my computer memory currently full so I have to decide to uninstall Second Life viewer instead Firestorm, its because I always using the Firestorm one I seems like I never going to open the original one, so is okay to uninstall Second Life viewer? Do Firestorm need a Second Life viewer?

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No one needs to have the official viewer installed. Each viewer runs on its own.  BUT if you have any issues in the future support will ask you to reproduce those issues on the Linden viewer to make sure it isn't a viewer issue. To my knowledge that is the only reason you would "need" the Linden viewer.   


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37 minutes ago, 3333Shawn3333 said:

my computer memory currently full


A viewer that is not running will not use any of the computer memory - it only uses disk space (physical storage) to hold the executable & related files.

If you are short on computer memory, uninstalling any of the viewers won't help.  You have to decrease the things that are running and possibly use an SL viewer that takes up less memory.  If it is a memory issue, the SL viewer uses less memory than Firestorm.

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