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No Stipend This 11/24/20??


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No stipend for me either and the support portal is down for me too.  Looks like it's raining in the cloud today 😟

Edit:  The support portal link is borked and goes to "https://support./?lang=en-US" instead of https://support.secondlife.com/?lang=en-US

This should get you to support until they fix the link.

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most of mine did get it (very late) now. But some nothing yet, and also the basic stipends didn't arrive yet.

Getting a bit annoying, it's going on for months now, seldom in time, standard to late.
So many issues and bugs lately, if the uplift causes all this, perhaps better to turn back :) ( just kidding... but please fix the stuff faster, i'm pretty sure this doesn't help retaining new players.)

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