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Club Know Where Now Hiring!!!❤

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Club Know Where is a NEW 80's & 90's pop, rock and alternative club. Some other genres in the 80's 90's might be accepted but there's NO rap music here. 79's popular music songs are accepted. This is a new friendly environment club! 🎉


Djs and Hosts 

What you will have:

100% tips

Fun and friendly environment!

Drama free club

Training available for all positions if needed

What we search for:

Djs using mic would be good BUT it isn't exactly required❤

Kind and awesome employees that are willing to grow with us.❤

No sleeping hosts on stage.❤Some people don't talk much but we just want don't want hosts sleeping on the stage for alot of time. We like them to he interactive! And yes interacting a bit more then gestures. Gestures are awesome but no big gesture spams.

Awesome staff willing to work as a team!❤

Important :

This club is drama free. We are all like family and loooove to have fun and be friendly but there is also a line of respect you must stay on so don't cross it. Any club related problem that happens contact the hosts and they would let the managers in duty know. NO silly drama must be happening in local chat. And if it's a personal problem between a staff and someone else just take it to private.  This is a moderate sim so anyone with full nudity or random drama will be ejected. 😄


Host application:


Dj application:


Interested in being part of our family!? Contact me: StaxQueen in world or leave a reply here and i will get back to you as soon as possible!❤❤❤❤




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3 hours ago, StaxQueen said:

@karenx0 Not at the moment ^^. We only hire Djs and hosts and willing to train them for now. Maybe in a future. 💛💛💛

Ty! Also is it a new club? And what are the timings of it? If it's under my timings I would defo apply; I have 1 year of experience in hosting.

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@karenx0 Yes ! It is a new club and we are looking for those who would like to grow with us. We are pretty nice and get along ^^ so you would love it here if you decided to join as a host! We go by slt timing.  So far timings go from 2pm-12am but i think there might be earlier timings available if you talk to the owners. They are very good people aswell💛

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