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You can find land for sale by using a couple of tools in world...your world Map and the Search tool.

On the map, check the "Land Sale" box.  Parcels for sale will show up as yellow on the map.  Parcels being auctioned will be purple.

In Search, click the Land and Rentals tab, then click View All Land and Rentals.  Set the size and price parameters as desired.

You can also check the Land forums here on this website, and look in the Real Estate category on the Marketplace.

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53 minutes ago, SmolChan said:

I though buying was much more easier I don’t get the whole real estate thing 

Second Life is really a lot like RL.  All the land here is owned by somebody.  If you want land to live on, you can either buy the land for a one-time price and then pay monthly fees to Linden Lab -- think of it like property taxes or a condo fee -- or you can rent it and pay a weekly or monthly fee -- rent -- to whoever owns it.  If you live on land, you pay somebody all the time.  Is one way easier than the other?  Not really, and both are a LOT easier to handle than they are in SL. 

If you want a good introduction to the basics of buying and maintaining land, lake a look through the land articles in the Knowledge Base ( tab at the top of this page ) and then consider going to Lindal Kidd's free class are Caledon Oxbridge University, in world.  She teaches it every Saturday, and she's always glad to answer questions.

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