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Randomly Received Linden Dollars


Over the course of 20 minutes, someone in SL sent me 5 transactions of L$20 each, totalling L$100. I had never interacted with this person before (and actually they never told me why the money was sent), nor was I doing anything that would warrant being paid (like dancing or escorting). Nor could the person have mistakenly paid me as I was not standing by something for sale. 

I saw another post in the forum from a Linden recommending I AR the person sending the money - which I did. I included info about the times at which the money was sent, and it should also be visible in my transaction log. 

In the meantime, while I wait for the report, is it safe to be spending my L$ or do I need to wait until all is resolved? I have more than L$100 in my account so if I spent, I would not technically be eating into the L$ 100 sent.

As much as I like the random money, I guess I'm just a bit paranoid about why it was sent.... 

It's not a large amount of L$ obviously so I suppose it's not the biggest deal, but if it's stolen/fraudulent, stolen L$ is still stolen L$.

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Don't worry. That's a very small amount of money, only about 40 cents in USD.  You either have a quiet admirer or an accidental friend.  If you feel at all bold (or friendly), IM and thank the person.  If not, just smile to yourself and walk away.  If there's a tiny chance that the L$ were stolen, you have covered yourself by submitting that AR.

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I agree with Rolig. No one is going to try to get you into trouble with stolen $L in such tiny amounts.  You only need to start to worry if some stranger sends you a few thousand $L out of the blue.

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