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hiii. I just recently started back playing SL after  about a 5 year break. A lot has changed and I’m currently trying to get up to date on everything new.

I love to shop, explore second life, and connect with different people. I would love to have some friends to do all these things with :) 

I would also appreciate if someone could help me get in the loop with the best places to shop and places to hang out! ( a lot of the places I used to go are no longer here, so I’m a little lost).

•a little about myself•
-I’m a shy person in RL and in SL, id love to come out of my shell to make this an amazing experience! Once I get comfortable however, I’ll talk your head off lol. 

- I’m really goofy and say off the wall things half the time. I enjoy being able to be myself around people, I don’t like putting on a front for others to like me.

- In RL I enjoy makeup, clothes, music, ect! That also rolls over into SL. I’m obsessed with horror movies & yes tiktok as well LOL. 

I’m looking for nonjudgmental friends who don’t only care about how well your avatar is put together. Looking for genuine connections with genuine people! 

IM me at Kimber.werefox !! 

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