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FYI, looking through my experiences, those which says: "This experience is enabled for all residents." are the following:

None-Linden accountable
Experience Firestorm, Jessica Lyon
London City, Billy Arentire

Linden accountable
GH2017, Governor Linden
Horizons, Governor Linden
Linden Homes, Governor Linden
New Linden Realms, Governor Linden
New User Experience, Governor Linden
SL15B, Governor Linden
Social Island, Governor Linden

I assume, the explanation is to make it easier and more user-friendly for especial newcomers in SL - but certainly also for old-timers in SL - and the grid wide based experiences.

I have no problems trusting any of the above and the experiences. And if there should be problems, there is the button for "Report Abuse". Before reporting abuse, it is always a good idea to contact the accountable, as the problems could be a simple bug or wrong settings in an experience.

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