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Any actual friendly people in SL?

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On 11/21/2020 at 2:57 PM, HRH Andrew said:

I rarely make first contact inworld when I'm at a social sim, such as a ballroom or chat area. And I mean VERY rarely. The two occasions I did this week, I was met with hostility and rudeness, one even saying that I was like everyone else and I should go away. I'd pretty much said hello and commented on the question in their profile "Why do people friend you and then uncheck so you can't see them?". Not sure where the hell that tirade came from lol.

So let's try here. Any actual friendly people here that would like to hang out inworld sometime? I've been away and my friends list is pretty... dead lol

It can be awkward when an avatar begins to chat up.   Many female avatars think when a man says hi or hello he wants something and I'm sure you know what that something is.  And, I think that's where the hostility comes from.  It is not a myth that many male avatars will start to chat up a female avatar and the female is propositioned pretty quickly.  It is quite common and is mostly from newbies but not always from newbies.  

As for me, I am not interested in an internet romance of any kind as I came to SL to create, so most of my friends have been female.  Right now I have three males friends and have not been propositioned once by my male friends; two are builders like me.  So, it's been a good experience to have some male friends too.  Right now I don't have enough time for the friends I have (about 25 friends) as I build here much of the time and building takes a lot of concentration.   It takes time to build real good relationships here in SL too; it takes time and effort.  Groups are a good way to make friends because you see each other a lot.  

EDIT:  I just wanted to add that I've read London City has a nice group of regulars there to chat with.  Also, maybe consider becoming a Premium Member as there are events in the Premium Member living spaces, and that way you will see a lot of regulars and get a chance to really know people just like in a real neighborhood.  

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I thought I would respond too! I'm friendly, but am a bit shy and reserved, at least when first making friends. I guess that, combined with my awkwardness at make first contact, that I have a total of 0 friends on Second Life. I'd love to attempt to make some - for some reason, reaching out on the forums feels easier than it does in-world. Anyone who might be interested feel free to contact me! 

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[Any actual friendly people in SL?]

There's got to be. I would love to find some. I feel like if you don't have an attractive avatar that many people ignore you, or worse are even cruel to you. I've been told to change my robot avatar a few times; some nicely, others not so nicely. So, if anyone wants to hang out with a robot let me know.

I'm friendly and really the robotic aesthetic is just because I really enjoy them in entertainment likes movies and books etc. 

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3 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

I think the most friendly people paired off, long ago.  Now only us a-holes are left!

Swear to God, I read “... only usa holes are left” and was thinking all kinds of ’murican kinky...

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I'm nice so long as you aren't a pervert or a creep. I like anime, my little pony, drawing, vidya games, cosplay and dressing up. I'm sort of weird and goofy but like to spend SL exploring, taking pictures and some roleplay. Feel free to IM me if you're bored, im trying to learn blender so I will send you a million donuts

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