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Seeking Models - Music Project within Second Life

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Music Project Model Search

Ah, the life of being a designer in and out of second life! Oh how I may have left the ranks of the fashion designers, but in a way, I'm still tethered to Adobe's code like a pup to the treat jar. I am looking for volunteers to model for track covers, this means that you'll get professional second life photography done by me, as well as be featured on youtube and other platforms. No moving videos planned as of yet, most of the videos are still visualizers with the cover bouncing in the background.

For more information see:


In Search Of: Models! *SEE BLOG POST*

WIX BLOG: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/music-project-model-search 

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Heeey it's me I'm BEHIND on checking this - I'm just gonna hit ACCEPT on all of y'all and send you this model release form.. that way you all above this post and below CAN FILL THIS OUT. 

Then i'll be able to get you scheduled when i get a chance :D



I'm on around late evening/late nights - and if i'm not online in world just notecard/IM me :)

It will be a week or so still before i'm entirely ready to figure out what needs doing :D

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