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4096 Adult Land Repost Changed Land Was 40K Now 35K

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Beautiful view and location for adult land just one 1024 parcel away from grids edge. I'm really on the edge about selling this parcel. It has so much potential and so many things can be done here. If I wasn't looking to buy a bigger land I would keep it for myself. If you don't like the street club idea no problem just send it all back and you have a great palette for your imagination to go wild. 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazonby Pass/206/83/56 I lowered the price because I want my bigger sim so I'm trying to sell this fast but I can't go any lower. If I must keep it I must just pay a higher tier I guess. We find a way to pay for the things we want. Don't we?







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