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52 Weeks of Color Revisited

Chic Aeon

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You guys did a great job last week, better than "I" :D. Congrats.


You don't need to put on your walking shoes to get to our next color. Barefoot will do it. Not a long journey at all.


Brighter and warmer for sure and a very pret-ty hue,  I give you 


AZELEA -- that's a difficult color for me to spell but we all know spelling is my finest talent. 



This is either good or bad depending on how you felt about last week LOL. 


I had a cute little romper from a few years back.  No longer available sadly as while the brand featured template mesh, the stylist was great at color and patterns. I still have a lot of favorites hiding in my inventory.  And I got to show off my baby alpaca support animal who I dearly love (a big gacha win again from some time back. 


So have fun. Think SUMMER (or WINTER if that's where you live).   Of course se can have any season at any time in our virtual world. 


Have fun.  


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Move away from the pink zone!

Move away from the pink zone!


This week takes us a far ways along the color wheel back to the cool blues. This one is rich (high saturation) and dark and was very popular during SOME decade I lived through but I can't remember which one that was LOL.   


I suspect you will find this color most often in formal wear or in those outfits that are all straps and not much fabric. But ya never know -- swimsuits perhaps?






I chose an Asian outfit mixed with gold. Here is a screenshot peak. 



Go forth. Have fun!



A really striking color 

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Lots of pretty midnight blues this week. I really like that color!  Don't worry there are LOTS of blues left for the future. And if you didn't get yours done, there is always time. I am a bit early posting this week. 


Meanwhile we are shifting in a different direction back toward warm. This time though it is a very DARK almost neutral "red" (and I use red lightly :D).


This week's color is FIRED BRICK  -- not to be confused with Firebrick which is very much a red and will be our styling color down the line.  




So a dark rusty brownish hue.    I found my outfit amid my steampunk folders!  


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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A new week - a new color.

We are back in blue territory with a super bright and fully saturated hue.  I give you. 





I had a great time with this one. Hope you do too. 




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This will probably be an easy week for everyone!  Woot. Easy is good. 


I give you  FADED DENIM which of course "could" encompass many tints and tones of blue.   But for reference, this is what Pantone thinks is the correct ^^ swatch.



So light and grayish. 


Have fun. I chose one of my all time favorite outfits from MEVA :D.   



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