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Is there a way to prevent merchant using keywords so sexually violent MP listings show up when people search for terms like 'hijab'.


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there is ONE vendor who has somehow set up his search parameters so that when you search for something like 'hijab' (a headscarf worn by observant Muslim women) you will see some of the most explicit sexual images I've ever seen in MP.  I cannot see what any of these rapes and forced acts and other really explicit images have to do with observant Muslim wear.  My only thought is that this person wants to offend anyone Muslim/modest/religious who might search for that term.

I think there should be a way to prevent this person from trolling people just because of their religion.  I am not a Muslim, but i found it deeply offensive.  (never mind that it's vile that MP has rape animations for sale, but I am not going to try to die on THAT hill). 

I do think that this person is doing a nasty act by setting their search so that people who are looking for modest clothing are subjected to sexually explicit and violent images.

Note: (I checked full perm, as I am a maker of clothing) 62 items came up... 19 of them are sexual in natureAll are the same seller.  I cannot believe any of these RAPE and even DADDY animations have anything to do with Hijabs.

I wonder if the 'daddy' animation doesn't violate the SL TOS... that seems like it is very close to the line, but not a lawyer... but whatever it is, it seems like it should not come up in this search except as a form of hate speech. 

I have no idea who to complain to.  There isn't a tag on the page anywhere that allows me to 'report this'. 

If you search MP for Hijab (select copy, mod, transfer) you will see what I saw unless this person is reading this and removes it.  I did not approach them or visit their page. 

I'm an adult, so I haven't turned off (and won't) the adult part of my MP. Sometimes I see very explicit things, though I generally don't search for them, usually they make sense in context of my search (skin, poses or furniture, for example). Live and let live, as long as people aren't harassed.

 As a rule, I don't find explicit sex on pages likely to be visited by people who are religious.  I've never searched for Christmas or Easter items and found sexual material, though one does find skimpy Christmas outfits, there's no explicit, violent sex in several pages of searching. I believe this is an especially mean-spirited troll. 

I hope there's a way to get this taken down.  There is simply no reason to put the term 'hijab' in your keywords for RAPE simulations  and other forced or 'daddy' kink.

As I said: ALL are same seller.  So this is clearly deliberate.  I didn't check for other religious/modesty oriented items to see if they are also listed.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 248 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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