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25 minutes ago, LiamFangzDemorte said:

can someone advise me how to terrain winter island on full homestead please ty 

you only can change the region to winter if you'r a estate manager;
If you are;
open the region details window
go to tab Terrain
change the textures ..

if you don't like a load of work next season, don't change any other setting there, just the textures.

with these settings i'm in autumn/fall , snowy mountain tops

If you want to change it during time, start with texture 4, than 3, 2 and last( if needed) texture 1
next to that you can add prim/mesh ice on the water to get even more winterdetail... and /or add a snow system.



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Are you talking about terraforming the land so it's flat or has mountains?

Homesteads are on private estates and the estate owner may or may not allow you terraforming rights.


Or, are you talking about just creating a winter scene with trees and rocks and stuff?

I was just playing around with some stuff I had in inventory and created this on a parcel I have.  I had picked up a little winter scene as a gift and wanted to use it so I put it down in the middle and started putting winter trees I got from the Marketplace.  As you can see, it's not on snow land so I used a flat prim that covered the whole parcel and used a snow texture from my inventory.  That gave me a reasonable base to place the scene and trees around it.  This was just a quickie job but it was fun and it came out ok.




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1 hour ago, LiamFangzDemorte said:

i meant i rent full homestead and do want to know how i can landscape and terrain the full homestead into a winter scene 65536 size 

landscape is the same everywhere, use the landtool ( last tab in the edit tool)


textures as i explained earlier, evenso waterlevels are there.

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On 11/15/2020 at 10:59 AM, LiamFangzDemorte said:

i meant i rent full homestead and do want to know how i can landscape and terrain the full homestead into a winter scene 65536 size 

I'll tell you what I did in your situation. I hired a landscaper and gave them terraform perms on the homestead. Because I find it hard to do. I have been doing it for 15 years. It shouldn't be that hard with these tools. You can buy terrain to insert if you don't like the stock ones; you can buy various cliffs and hills and experiment, but you need to have a flair for it. It's like anything else. And if you are mediocre at it like I am, you hire someone. You don't have to pay a lot -- there is a wide range of price scales in SL. You might even be able to find a friend who just loves landscaping but doesn't have their own island.

The difference between being on land that has been properly landscaped and decorated, and being on a crappy build you did yourself -- huge.

So if you spent money on a homestead, spend a little more to get it done properly. It's like your hair. You can cut it at home yourself with nail scissors. Your sister can cut it, especially in COVID. Or you can go to a barber or hair dresser.

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  I loveeeeeeee to terraform and my partner lets me have at it......this land im on now i didnt terraform i just laid a platform with grass texture because the default one kept blurring on us .  But ive terraformed some big pieces of land and love every minute of it!!

(something i dont do is capital letters and punctuation!) ;)


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