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Community Tools UG 5/26/11 chat log transcript

Rand Linden
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I agree with Ciaran a 100%!

But if that is impossible, PLEASE!!!!!!, make enything FB or Twitter opt-out so that the 50% of the population who don't want anything to do with them can choose not to. Or better yet; make them opt-in for those who absolutely have to link SL with RL.


- Luc -

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I haven't been able to attend these meetings for some time, but have been keping up with the transcripts, so thanks for posting them :)

I won't comment on the Facebook thing other than to say I'm not a Facebook user and probably never will be (although the recent info about Facebook pages rather than having a full Facebook profile is interesting. You even got Ciaran onboard with that one!) :smileytongue:

I found the Twitter thing quite intriguing though and think it might have some potential. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but there are a lot of SL users on Twitter discussing SL matters, and some form of integration with the forums could possibly help enhance such discussions.

I've actually thought for quite some time that there is scope to improve SL communication in general with Twitter or Twitter like functionality. So shameless plug for my thoughts regarding that are here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Off-Topic/Should-Linden-Lab-Buy-Twitter/m-p/891635/message-uid/891635/highlight/true#U891635

NOTE: I'm not in any way saying Twitter should replace SL communications, or that people should be forced to use it! I'm merely saying I see potential in elements of its functionality that could vastly improve things such as inworld group chat, group notices etc. On a very simple level, I would love to be able to 'follow' people inworld (in a similar manner to Twitter following) and get quick updates from them in a Twitter like timeline rather than having to wade through group notices from them, or rely on group chat to find what they are saying!

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Thank you for posting the link to the transcript, Rand.  I think it would be helpful if the Lindens attending the CTUG would review the most recent transcript a couple of days prior to the  meeting so that things that were promised to be addressed would be addressed.  A few things slip through the cracks at times.

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Wildcat Furse wrote:

interesting... we've done surveys and 50% of our resi's are all about escaping reality and 50% want to connect to RL identity.

Rand, how many residents did the survey? 10,  100, 1000......*meows*

And what was the methodology?  How were the participants selected? 



eta, spell check missed a word.

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@Wildcat: Amanda should be able to answer that question.  I wasn't involved in the survey.  Perhaps she can elaborate at the next UG.

@Venus: Reasonable suggestion.  I'm sorry to say that we Lindens are often so busy that we don't have much time to prepare for the UGs.  It would be very helpful if someone could highlight any unanswered questions and add them to the agenda on the UG wiki page.  That would help to prevent things from "falling through the cracks."



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