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Second life university student

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Furry? Noooo. 99% human.
But I do have and have always had cats eyes in SL. 😍
In Adult or child guise, I knew once I found them, I could never find better.
(insight/forest/cats eyes). No longer available unfortunately.
Mainly to poke fun at the many myths and traditions regarding gingers.
"Redheads are derived from cats" "Devil child" "Firey redhead" "Freak"
are just some I have personally encountered. 
So be it! ❤️


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Was your choice of animal/furry for representation determined by a preference before you came to SL?
I had established myself as a dragon before I even knew about SL, so I would say no, SL had no effect on how I see and represent myself.

Do you represent more than one kind of animal, if so what animal?
I am always represent myself as a dragon with some dinosaur like features (can imagine a raptor or some allosaurus with wings, heh).

Is your furry account your primary account?
I only have one account, I really dislike the idea of alternative accounts for myself. I am always me.

Was your choice of animal based upon popular culture -- e.g., anime or manga, books, movies, TV shows?
My choice wasn't really based on any culture, but it started as a roleplay on a forum full of fantasi creatures such as vampires and werewolfs, I've always just resonated with dragons.

Does being an animal give you an escape from your in real life stresses?
Well, when I was younger it was a great way to express myself. I have reached a place where I am quite happy with my real life situation, so nothing really to escape anymore, strictly speaking.

Is there a religious or spiritual dimension to your choice of animal?
I would say it has a spiritual dimension, I have always seen myself as a dragon and did find my way around the dragonkin community, but perhaps I'm not of the sort that has any past life memories.

Do you ever represent as a furry in real life (e.g., cosplay, RP, conventions, etc.)?
I admit that I don't really dub myself as a furry, would go with dragonkin if I had to choose, but the line is quite blurry and it does not bother me. I have actually attended a single furry convention and had designed a mask of my dragon self for the event, went with a group of local furries, so it was somewhat of an event since we had to go over-seas. But generally that mask just sits on the shelf to look pretty, I don't attend events often. I wore it once to the free comic book day with a few other friends in costume, it was fun, I was very pregnant, haha.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 99 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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