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BOM for LOGO heads with matching body skins as well?

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Anyone know of any folks making BOM skin appliers for LOGO heads (specifically Willow) that have matching or included skin BOMs/appliers? (Newbie to the terminology, pardon my mistakes.) The few skins I have found for Willow do not seem to have matching body tones. Should I just suck it up and purchase a Letulka or the popular head that looks good on my Maitreay body and call it a day, since many of the the Catwa and Letulka heads have full skins to wear. Or am I lost again in newbie-land? :)

Note: Reason I asking is I saw Strawberry Linden's video the she applied a head BOM to herself and her entire body changed as it was included in that BOM. Perfect skin tone matches between head and body. Loved it.

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I would try demos of other BoM skins made for Catwa. The male LOGO head appeared to be very similar in topography to Catwa. Even if you find head skins, the skin sellers has started to separate them from the body, so you must buy both. The head skin ends by the neck, or it is just the oval face. The body skin has a white or light brown texture from the neck and up, or is missing the face oval.

Most of the time the body skins are fairly priced and comes in packs. The creators only have to make them once, and set out the vendors. Creators then work on making new faces only. Less work.

Strawberry Linden could have used a skin that was made before creators started dividing them in body/head. I think some still do, but I think they are fewer and fewer.

Black Friday approaching. Previous years, it have been some mesh body and head creators that has had sales.

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Oh, I forgot to say, have you picked up the free head "Strong" Genus has in their mainstore? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genus Project Mainstore/100/127/34

Large poster that say #Stayhome & be Strong.

Genus has a lot of skins made for them. And a lot of them in BoM. You activate BoM in the HUD. Scroll down on this side until you find how to turn on BoM in Genus. http://www.virtualbloke.com/archives/3634

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